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What is Fred Evrard Academy?

Fred Evrard Academy is all about building individuals into stronger, better and healthier versions of themselves – Body, Mind and Spirit.

Fred Evrard Academy is based on 45 years of experience in martial arts, but also natural health (fasting, nutrition, breathing, posture correction…), and offers an amazing set of educational programs with classes, books, seminars and videos – to help others tap into their full potential and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

What you will learn

From beginners to experts, you will learn about:


    • Natural Health: Easy to apply Nutrition, fasting and different tools to help heal the body via books, videos, workshops and conferences.
    • Personal Growth: Living a happier and more meaningful life starts with awareness and purpose. Find exciting content within our programs.
    • Movement: Moving is a necessity to stay healthy. A strong body equals a strong mind that can tackle all of life’s challenges. Enjoy training in person or online with our empowering programs such as Martial Arts, Practical Movement, Parkour or Personal Protection.

Meet Fred Evrard

Fred Evrard was born in France in 1972 and has dedicated his entire life to martial arts, nutrition, health and fitness. He started very young to travel for knowledge and was in China at age 17. He has been teaching ever since.

His purpose is to help others be their strongest and healthiest physically, emotionally and mentally and that’s why Fred combined his knowledge and experience to create Fred Evrard Academy.


In 2003, Fred and his wife Lila left their home in Tahiti for a 4-year Martial Arts and Traditional Medicines trip around the world. 4 years without going home, learning all over the world with Martial Arts Masters, Doctors, Healers and even Buddhist Monks. They have visited and trained in China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tibet, the Philippines, Lebanon, the USA, Hawaii, Tahiti, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland and New Zealand.

Kali Majapahit has spread in 20 countries and is also taught by Fred to Special Forces in Singapore, Hong Kong and France, and to the French Ministry of Defense.

Best seller author with his book “How my Immune System beat cancer”, Fred has been collaborating with health professionals such as Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Charles Gibert, Thierry Casanovas, James Nener… just to name a few.


Books: Fred has written 21 books including his amazon Best-Seller “How My Immune System Beat Cancer”, all available on amazon, in English, French and some in Spanish.


Teaching: Over the years, Fred has trained tens of thousands of students across the world, both within the general public and law enforcement. He was a Close-Quarter-Combat instructor and Counter-Terrorism consultant for the French Ministry of Defense and several Special Forces and VIP Protection units in France, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.


Fights: Fred’s number 1 fight was in 2020 against a stage-3 colon cancer. Using a 21-day fast, a strict Ketogenic diet, many non-toxic methods (ice-cold exposure, sun exposure, breathing, meditation, supplements…) and only 3 sessions of chemotherapy, he won his fight in only 4 months.

Who is this for?

Have You ever wished to:

  • Feel stronger, physically and mentally?
  • Look for a way to improve your health?
  • Being inspired to heal your body or mind?
  • Find an empowering hobby?
  • Learn or improve your Martial Arts skills?
  • Find an exceptional Instructor who walks the talk?

If you answered YES to one of the above, you will find answers here for you new wellness journey.

Movement I Health

Fred’s Books


Martial Arts Schools

Martial Arts Online

KBF Conditioning

Lightsaber Academy

Personal Protection

What do they think?

Fred was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 3, borderline stage 4, colon cancer and in just four months he was cancer-free.

Fred is a true inspiration through his way of living and high level of awareness.

Dr Eric Berg

A great place to learn martial arts, food and health knowledge. KM is more than just training in the martial arts as the instructors also emphasis the importance of eating well and overall good health. The class is like family and it has boosted my self confidence, helped with my anxiety, and has really made me aware of my overall well being. Fred and Lila Evrard are two of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. Not only does their knowledge surpass many other instructors, but the love they have for their students is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. A definite 5 star rating from me.

Jason Ray

I read the book in one afternoon. It’s similar to a “Cliffs Notes” version of a what could have been a much longer and labor Intensive read. Rather than adding the extensive studies that back up his conclusions to the book, he provides links should you decide to examine the studies in depth yourself. Not only does the book explain how he cured his cancer but also elaborates on the ketogenic diet, etc., and some rather tasty recipients as well. I think you’ll find this book very informative.

Amazon Customer

Where to begin! KM Martial Arts has truly changed my life for the better! I am not only learning a martial art form that I truly love, but I am gaining way more knowledge than I ever thought I would. Fred and Lila Evrard are not only wonderful Instructors but truly inspirational individuals. Thanks to them and the Kali Majapahit system I have gained confidence, I am more grounded within myself, and happier than I ever thought I could be in my life. If you are hesitating, don’t! I promise, you won’t regret joining:)

Nicole Beaufrand

I really love Fred’s programs and the way they are taught! I highly recommend to those who want to learn martial art but also deeply transform their life. I learned a lot about myself and feel more confident. As an officer in the French Army, what I have learned with Fred serves me every day in my line of work. Thanks to the team for their great job!

Edouard Gibert

Great interview Dr Berg! Congratulations to Fred for fighting cancer and sharing his story. This gives all of us hope and inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. Bottom line, take care of yourself, no one can do it for you.

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